We have found the internet to be a very convenient way to keep in touch with our friends. Many of you have contacted us via e-mail and told us of your home pages. We thought this would be a good excuse to place some of our favorite things into cyberspace with the hopes and expectations of frequent visits from you.

Bill has been a professional photographer since his days on the photo staff of the Kansas City Star and Wichita Eagle Beacon in the 1960's. In the decades since he has done wedding and portrait photography. Bill and LeAnn continue in that field and also do editorial photography for local magazines including Kansas! Magazine, Topeka Magazine, and Sunflower Living, to mention a few.

A new endeavor for us in the last few years has been preschool photography...we set up a portable studio at local preschools and photograph each child and their respective class groups. We work with a lab in Kansas City to produce photo packages, class composites, and fun photo items for the families.

An unexpected benefit of posting the Stephens family history information on this site has been the input from people who are related to us and discovered our family history using Google or some other search engine. They have contacted us with their stories and pictures. For everything you've ever wanted to know about the Stephens geneology and family history, look here. Bill's father Howard was a commercial photographer for much of his life and dabbled in lots of creative photo techniques, many of which are described here.

Our e-mail is billandleann@gmail.com. We would sure like to hear from you.
You may see samples of our recent work by taking the links above to our magazines, portraits, and editorial work.

Current events that are available to view include:

Groups and Class Reunions
Preschool Photos

$75/hr. editorial or magazine assignments/Senior/Family or Individual
$75/hr. Social Functions (i.e.,anniversary, parties, multiple families) This fee covers sitting fee, processing, and proofing.
SESSION FEE (payable at the time photos are taken)
SENIOR/FAMILY Special: All Images on CD - $150 with full usage rights

8x10 $25
5x7 $12.50
4x5 $6.25
2x3 wallets $3.50 each or 8/$25 (same pose) - - yearbook photos-$5.00
11x14 $60
16x20 $105
20x24 $140
All prices guaranteed for 90 days after the shooting date. Thereafter, prices are subject to change without notice
We are located at 5617 SW 25th Street in Topeka by appointment only. 785-221-9852. Our e-mail is billandleann@gmail.com